About Us

What is Cogneti?

Cogneti is a set of gamification tools designed specifically for learning content. These tools include an authoring application, a game management interface (the website), and a set of game players that run with browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

The one thing Cogneti does better than anything else is to develop proven recall for a set of learning materials - which when available as a Cogneti game is called a Cogneti deck.


Researchers tell us that play - whether done by dogs, horses, or people - is the way in which the arts of survival are developed. That may be why we experience game play - the wins, losses, competitive ranking, tactics, strategies - with such emotion.

Game-play concepts are carefully chosen as the basis of Cogneti learning, with the objective of fitting into modern organizational cultures.

We care more when we feel that our friends (or associates) notice our learning progress. So Cogneti is played as a group - preferably - of our friends, family, co-workers or others that we know and care about. Learning progress is shared and followed within the group.
It takes time for proven recall to develop, and only after a repeated sequence of learning events. So Cogneti games extend across repeated sessions - daily, weekly, monthly. This also addresses many motivational factors.
The very act of recall is a most powerful exercise to develop memory. So Cogneti is organized around repeated recall events, which result in scored performance metrics.
Investigators have measured the positive effect of autonomous control (going wherever the player chooses within the game) on player engagement in video games. Like a successful video game, Cogneti allows the player to freely explore the learning materials and even see the 'tracks' of where they've been.
Even within a game play environment, there are legitimate needs for privacy and security. These are accommodated in several ways that include the voluntary 'un-sharing' of all identifying information to others within the group. Play can then continue anonymously.
The cost of learning engagement (in time, effort, and place) should be almost negligible - felt to be zero. Cogneti play should be available anywhere, anyplace, for a few moments or a few hours. Cogneti mobile players can even work in offline mode.
Learning activity is measured and results in accumulated tokens that can be traded for 'look it up' privileges when recall is being measured. Learning activity - as opposed to recall testing - is one of the key activities which Cogneti is designed to encourage.
Performance is measured, trended, and shared to others as exceeding thresholds that serve as performance objectives.


We believe in - and are informed by - late research and understanding of 1) how we learn, and 2) application of game-play concepts to developing positive learning behaviors.

Our vision for Cogneti is that age-of-information miracles can happen between our ears - in our own minds. As opposed to relying on massive clusters of search-engine indexes, Cogneti is about developing our own proven recall of chosen subjects. Whether identifying wild flowers in a national park, rapidly diagnosing medical needs in an emergency, or assessing liquids just involved in a chemical spill, we may choose to NOT be so dependent on 'an app for that.' The human mind is capable of much, when motivated and trained. That's where the game-play concepts are so valuable.


Cogneti rapidly builds recall performance for the learning subject you choose. It complements traditional workplace training by increasing what may be called declarative knowledge of a subject or area of expertise. Such learning is a common need in healthcare, pharmacy, restaurant/food service, finance, manufacturing, and of course academic markets.

Cogneti games are fun, can be scaled to very large learning communities, develop exceptional recall performance, and yield clear organizational benefits.

  • Training delivery costs of a physical (or virtual) classroom are avoided, because the mobile-centric design allows small moments of available time (even off-line) to be used for learning.
  • Participation greatly increases, as compared to traditional e-learning, because of the extended group & social experience of game play. Well-implemented Cogneti learning games grow virally.
  • Learning effectiveness is measured and rapidly increases over a repeated sequence of game-play sessions - typically weeks to months.