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Meet our three goals

The Gamepack is an optional learning tool – before or after you’ve earned a food handler certificate. It is a companion to Cogneti’s Safe Food Handler Certificate Program.

Build safety skills to last over time
Be fun – but not gimmicky
Fit into a classroom or business
Video Intro

The food safety GAMEPACK includes two games

Sherlock is a picture-puzzle game. Solving quiz questions reveals pictures from categories like sports stars, Oscar winners, classic cars, and AKC dog breeds. You earn a few points for answering questions, and lots of points when you guess the picture puzzle!

Rag Man is an anagram game. Food safety key words are shown jumbled up on a word wheel. You earn points by guessing and spelling the key words, and more points for any other words you can find. A Rag Man is perfect for individual or group play. PENDING RELEASE later in 2021


How to use

Use the Safe Food Handler Gamepack as an individual, manager, or instructor.

Gamepack Science


Research and academic studies agree that active recall builds long term skills, training our memory over time.

Spaced repetition is key. That means your recall-training should be spaced by hours or days.

Variation of location and circumstance also helps. That means recall-training on a bus, during lunch, or before bed.

The Gamepack is designed for just this kind of training. It creates strong skills for a great career in food service.


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