Safe Food Handler

is the industry’s best FOOD CARD program.  For you. Your career. For business.  Get the proof

  • Accredited by ANAB (ANSI).
  • Complies with food safety regulations of US States and many localities, including Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, and West Virginia.
  • Based on the 2022 Food Code published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
You get a wallet-size food handler card(badge) and 5'' x 7'' program certificate

Your THREE Steps to Program Completion

  1. Prepare
    • Use a browser or smartphone*
    • Register with a secure email address
    • Pay the program fee
    • English language only
    • About two total hours*
  2. Train
    • First use the LEARN feature of each course level, one per learning objective
    • Then QUIZ to build recall & measure skills
    • Training accelerators speed up your own progress
  3. Pass
    • Use the exam and get a detailed exam report to show any learning needs.
    • As needed, you are guided to re-train on just your learning needs. Then use the exam again! As many times as you need.
    • When you pass, you’ll receive the certificate and badge in email
    • Order physical badge (optional)

*The program works great on a smartphone (Apple or Android)! The native app guides you quickly to completion. Use a few small sessions, or complete the program all at once. You can easily switch your training between web, to iPhone, to Android. Just sign in and you’ll see all your work, certificate, and badge auto-saved in the cloud.

Your FIVE Training Advantages
Safe Food Handler is the best food card program in the industry! It’s built for food-service professionals.
Advantage Safe Food Handler Other Programs
Top Instructional Quality
The course will guide you to meeting seven food handler training objectives. These objectives are taken directly from the USDA’s 2021 Food Code, as selected by industry and food science experts.
Each training objective has from 10 to 20 instructional points made of instructional content (text, pictures, audio, video), quiz questions used to build recall, and exam questions to assess that training objectives are met.
Cogneti’s instructional design supports very useful features that make training fast and efficient! These include learning accelerators, active exams & assessments, and tagging of learning needs.
Learning Accelerators
Learning accelerators are useful ways for you to learn and remember the course instruction.
Dynamic quizzing - sets of questions are created and presented to test and build your recall of instruction points.
Skill metrics - a level skill is calculated following all quizzes, and shows your subject mastery for each course level.
Peeks - a peek button is shown as part of each quiz question, which reveals the actual instructional material where the answer is found. This is a VERY fast and effective way to build subject recall.
Progress tracking - each instructional point is marked as ‘viewed’ after reading. This allows you to easily keep track of your learning progress.
Active Exams and Assessments
Tagged Learning Needs
Full Mobile App Experience

Safe Food Handler is training the next generation of FOOD SERVICE LEADERS right now!


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